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Solution Overview

Grow your Online Business with our State-of-the-Art Email Application and Conversion Tools

Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution provides you with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use hosted application (ASP) which combines data integration and analysis features, conversion optimization tools, and industry-leading email marketing capabilities. This solution provides you with a reliable and extremely cost-effective way to create new leads, convert them into paying customers and generate maximum value from them.

While online businesses of all kinds can benefit from Topica’s solution, businesses in the following categories have shown particular success using our solution to optimize their total online conversion:

Internet Retailers
Everything you need to optimize your online retail sales and grow your list of leads.
Online Publishers
Use targeted content and lead generation to grow and monetize your online community.
Direct Marketers
Use Topica to get your offers to the inboxes of those most likely to respond.
Interactive Agencies
Use Topica’s solution to drive success across the full range of online services you offer your clients.

If your business falls outside one of these categories, please contact us to discuss how we can customize our solution to to meet your needs.

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