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Features Overview
A Detailed Look Inside Topica’s Hosted Application Businesses and organizations who depend on their online channels use Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution to leverage their existing marketing initiatives and expand their reach. Topica’s state-of-the-art, hosted application is a crucial element of our solution and was designed specifically to support your online marketing and sales process. The main features of our application are listed below.
Customizable Hosted Database
Topica’s hosted database is the foundation of your knowledge base allowing you to collect, store and manage prospects, customers, behaviours, Web site transactions and more. Specific features include:
  • Instantly Updateable
  • API for Remote Import/Export
  • Unlimited Demographic and Interest Fields
  • Conversion, Transaction and Purchase History Fields
  • Merge/Sync for Refreshing Existing Data
Conversion Tracking
Topica’s conversion tracking feature lets you enhance your Web site with snippets of code that collect transaction data and pass it back to your Topica database. Use conversion tracking to measure and report on:
  • Page Hits
  • Document Downloads
  • Email Campaign Success
  • Landing Page Success
  • Products Purchased
  • Product Categories Purchased
  • Price of Purchased Items
  • Quantity of Purchased Items
  • Recency of Purchase
  • Frequency of Purchase
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
Advanced Email Automation
Topica’s advanced email automation technology allows you to create marketing programs that, following business rules you define, automatically deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Email campaigns can be triggered by:
  • New Contact in Database (Welcome Message)
  • Data-Collection Form Submitted
  • Campaign Opened
  • Link Clicked
  • Purchase, Download or Other Web Site Interactions
  • Shopping Cart Success or Abandonment
  • Changes in Database Field Values
Prospect Collection and Database Building
Topica’s advanced data-collection features keep your database growing with prospective customers you collect from your Web site, making the most of paid search or other traffic driving programs you are running.
  • Customizable Data Capture Forms
  • Landing Pages With Secondary Data Capture Forms
  • Document Hosting for Downloads (Coupons, Catalogs, Etc.)
  • Prospect Profile Management
  • Custom Branding of Forms and Landing Pages
Database Segmentation
Targeted, relevant messages are the key to conversion success. Topica lets you develop targeted content to respond to selected segments of your database. Segments can be based on any field or combination of fields for which you have collected data:
  • Demographics or Interests
  • Campaigns Opened or Clicked
  • Campaigns Not Opened or Clicked
  • Time Delta from Demographic Date (Renewals)
  • Purchased Items
  • Amount of Purchase
  • Recency of Purchase
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
Email Campaign Creation and Management
Topica gives you all the power and flexibility you need to create and manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns. Features include:
  • Multiple List Management
  • Personalization on any Database Field
  • Custom Branding
  • Pre-Scheduled Delivery
  • Recurring Delivery
  • Copy and Paste Sent Campaigns
  • Support for Text, HTML and Multipart Formats
  • Test Messages and Routing
  • Segmentation for Testing
  • Bounce and Retry Management
  • Subscription Confirmation (Footer)
  • Pay Pal Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Ebay Auction Integration
  • Customizable HTML Email Templates
Suppression Lists
Suppression lists give you more control by allowing you to create lists of individual email addresses or domains that you would like to exclude from mailing to on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  • Upload and apply suppression lists on any campaign
  • Upload up to 5 million email addresses for suppression
  • Multiple suppression lists to a single campaign
  • Save and Reuse for future campaigns
Can-SPAM Compliance
Topica’s Can-SPAM compliance features meet all federal guidelines and conform to industry best practices, ensuring maximum deliverability of your messages. Features include:
  • Bulk Unsubscribe
  • Integrated Unsubscribe Link
  • Automated Unsubscribe Processing
  • Never Mail™ List
  • Content Checker
Flexible Reporting
Topica’s flexible and powerful reporting tools integrate email and Web analytics allowing you to accurately measure the ROI of your campaigns and the conversion success of your Web site. You can also query and report on any database field or combinations thereof. Details include:
  • Web Site Transactions, Purchases and Downloads
  • Shopping Cart Performance
  • Email Campaign Delivery Success
  • Email Campaign Performance: Unique Opens and Clicks
  • Contact Database Growth
  • Demographic Distributions
  • Unsubscribes
  • Contact-Level Detail (Who Opened and Clicked)