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Case Study
XGaming Builds Relationships and Increases Customer Lifetime Value With Topica’s Solution

XGaming, Internet online retailer based in Pittsburgh, PA, produces and Sells the popular X-Arcade™, an arcade-style joystick that delivers the look and feel of classic video games into thousands of homes.

XGaming needed to create several marketing programs to increase the value of the leads they were receiving from their performance-based advertising initiatives. They wanted to build a community around X-Arcade™ and gain insight into the customer behavior within the purchase process, using this information to communicate in a more relevant way.

Shawn Walters, President of XGaming, and the XGaming team worked closely with Topica to roll out Conversion Tracking on their Web site in order to track the purchase behavior of visitors. Using Conversion Tracking in tandem with autoresponders, they were able to build communications not only to create excitement and feedback after purchase, but also to increase conversion by messaging customers who abandoned their purchases before they were complete.

Topica’s Customer Success Team helped XGaming incorporate Track Points for conversion tracking into each page of the shopping cart, collecting vital information about their customer purchase habits, including whether the purchase was completed or not. Storing this information in their custom Topica database, XGaming was able to create automated messages to individual shoppers. Customers who completed messages were sent a stream of personalized messages that were intended to build excitement about the arrival of their X-Arcade, as well as a personalized message from Walters, asking for honest feedback, including criticism, suggestions, and a request for satisfied customers to tell their friends about the X-Arcade. Autoresponders were created to make the site more interactive and automate the marketing process. The first autoresponder email reminded visitors that they registered for the contest, while the second two autoresponders promoted returning to the X-Arcade site with the headline “Authentic Arcade Experience at Home.” Each email encouraged its recipients to return to the site and move further along in the sales cycle.

“The Conversion Tracking-enabled autoresponders have done a tremendous job of taking our purchases from a transactional sale to building a relationship.”

Shawn Walters
President, XGaming

Using Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution, XGaming was able to build a community around their products. Through their campaigns they have received thousands of emails praising their products and have generated a buzz in the video gaming community, increasing their brand identity within this growing industry. Streaming autoresonders to purchasers enjoyed open rates of over 45% while streams of messages to contest participants saw open and click rates increase by 25% and 40% with each message. The impact of their Topica based programs have been so positive, they are preparing to implement Topica for their entire new customer and loyalty building programs.

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