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Case Study
HiWired Fuels Growth, Saves Time with Autoresponder Technology

Since 2000, HiWired has provided individuals and small businesses with desktop support solutions to meet their various technology needs. Whether customers are looking to get the most of their household and personal electronics, or they need an addition to their off-site tech support staff, HiWired rises to the challenge with both online help and phone support available through its website. HiWired also works with several big-name technology partners to provide assistance to the partners’ own group of customers.

Though HiWired was originally referred to Topica for its custom lead generation services, HiWired saw Topica’s conversion technology as an opportunity to streamline its lead nurture cycle: lead collection, messaging and customer retention processes. HiWired wanted a way to:

  • collect data from its website visitors
  • zero in on their needs
  • automatically communicate with them
  • address their issues
  • convert them into HiWired customers.

HiWired built a lead nurture plan by developing a message strategy around its lead capture initiatives and lead/customer click paths on its site. Using Topica’s Conversion Tracking and Autoresponder, the process was automated with great success. Here’s how HiWired did it:

  • Behavioral Tracking
    As visitors register or log into the HiWired basic service website, their registration data is captured through Topica’s Conversion Tracking which tracks their behavior through the site. If a customer clicks away without finding the proper solution, data is sent back to HiWired’s Topica database – either triggering an immediate, automated message to the customer, or saving that data for use in future email campaigns.

  • Automated Messaging
    No need to analyze incoming data — Topica's autoresponder technology can analyze it automatically and send a targeted message to the appropriate lead, instantly. HiWired uses multiple autoresponders to create serialized messages off of one behavioral event, placing leads in a fully automated lead nurture cycle, saving the company time while increasing its conversion success.

“ The autoresponder is a key feature in our conversion success. We have a business where ‘nurturing’ programs are effective in driving loyalty and repeat purchase. The ability to setup autoresponders based on those key criteria and just letting them run as prospects/customers hit certain criteria [trackpoints] has been a huge time-saver. ”

Troy Jackson
Director of Marketing for HiWired

Using the Topica solution, HiWired has been able to streamline its e-marketing program, actively engaging customer through its automated lead nurture programs and increasing its productivity.

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