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Case Study
Donordigital chooses Topica’s Solution and scores a record 87% open rate and 34% click rate.

Donordigital helps nonprofit organizations, political candidates, and socially responsible companies use the Internet for fundraising, advocacy, and marketing. When one of their clients needed an online marketing solution to support a mission-critical and time-sensitive integrated marketing campaign, Donordigital turned to Topica.

During the last election year, Donordigital’s client needed to create an online marketing program that could capitalize on Web site visits they were driving with print, online, and search engine advertising. The goal was to collect contact information and permission to follow-up, so they could message those supporters right up to the election with time-sensitive news and updates while remaining fully CAN-SPAM compliant.

Within days of signing up, Donordigital was able to build a complete online program for their client from the forms placed on the website to collect visitor signups, to their first custom email campaign. Topica's Solution provided Donordigital with a communications tool robust enough for their client’s complete online program, yet simple enough to be implemented with minimal effort.

Using Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution, Donordigital quickly enhanced the client’s site with customized data collection forms. Topica’s email automation technology enabled them to immediately confirm their new supporters and encourage forwarding to a friend. Working with Topica’s Customer Success team to ensure maximum deliverability, Donordigital designed and reviewed their messages for best practices and CAN-SPAM compliance and then prescheduled their messages for automatic delivery on key dates. The entire program was up and running in less than 48 hours.

“The system is incredibly user-friendly and intuitively easy to learn. From uploading large database files to testing messages and actually delivering them to a list of over 40K, I never once encountered any technical difficulties. This said, you’ve also set an impressive standard for timely, thorough customer support that should serve as a model for all other companies; you made us feel like we were the only client you had!”

Kate Babkirk
Account Executive, DonorDigital

In the first few days of the program’s inception, over 18,000 supporters registered. Upon receiving the first email message, an astounding 87% of those supporters opened the email (even the most popular house lists generally receive open rates of under 40%*). An equally impressive 34% of recipients clicked through; far surpassing the average which hovers between 6% and 10%*. Overall deliverability was an industry-leading 97.2%.

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* According to Marketing Sherpa, 2004 Email Metrics Survey