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Topica Announces Sender ID, SPF Compliance

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Thursday, September 2, 2004 – Topica, the leader in email marketing automation, reaffirmed its commitment to customer protection and throughput by announcing its compliance with the Sender ID Email Authentication Framework and SPF standards.

The Sender ID Framework was designed as a way of confirming that received emails originate from their displayed domain. Since July, Topica has met SPF1 compliance through email authentication, protecting the reputation and privacy of its customers against online fraud such as “spoofing” and “phishing.” Certain ISPs already require senders to implement Sender ID in order for their emails to be accepted.

“Topica is dedicated to customer throughput,” said Bill McCaulley, Vice President of Technology and Customer Operations for Topica “By implementing the Sender ID Framework, we can increase authentication and protect customer deliverability against spoofing.”

Topica continually works to provide software and strategies to keep their customers ahead of CAN-SPAM compliance and best practice standards.