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Topica Announces the Launch of Topica 4.0
New Features Include Reporting Upgrades, Improved Personalization, Refined Conversion Tracking and Expanded API Functionality

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (June 16, 2005) – Topica solidifies its position as a leading provider of conversion optimization, data integration and email marketing solutions, with the announcement of the launch of Topica 4.0. This launch includes reporting upgrades, advanced personalization, enhancements to its popular Conversion Tracking feature, and additional API functionality.

Topica’s new reporting upgrade streamlines viewing of campaign delivery results, performance results and the complaints sections. From these sections customers can click on individual items to get subscriber-level details including specific counts of bounces, disables, unsubscribes, Trackpoints © hits and more, each of which can be segmented for subsequent email or autoresponder follow-up. Reporting upgrades allow comparison of autoresponders or recurring campaigns to evaluate performance, with the ability to set specific date ranges, such as, on a week-by-week basis or other customizable periods for autoresponder and recurring campaigns.

The personalization feature has been upgraded to support up to 12 unique fields including both single-select and multiple-select category fields. Campaigns can still be personalized for standard fields such as name, city, state etc. Now, other behavioral or demographic data, such as, product purchased or area of site visited can also be used for personalization.

Topica’s Conversion Tracking feature collects transactional information from shopping carts, registration processes, or other key conversion events, used to trigger shopping cart abandonment campaigns and targeted up-sell campaigns based on these events. Upgrades to the Conversion Tracking feature allow the analysis of Web traffic generated through email campaigns, giving indication of any campaign’s effectiveness and ability to drive sales.

Topica’s API for automated data import and/or export, now also allows access to the Content Checker (a deliverability probability feature), as well as to both import and export of unsubscribes gathered from a variety of sources including sell site and other traffic driving programs.

Johnathan Robinson, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Topica said, “The strong commitment to our customer’s success continues to be reflected in the new features and capabilities we are adding to our solution. By making our product increasingly customizable and compatible with our customers’ internal systems we can help them achieve dramatic online marketing and sales success at an even faster rate.”

More than 4,000 businesses trust Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution to increase the return on their online advertising, find new prospects or leads, convert them to customers, and maximize their lifetime value. To learn more or to schedule a personalized demonstration, please call us today at (415) 344-3878.